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Our Process 

We do the research, so you don't have to.

We embrace user-centered design principles to understand your audience’s needs, values, and motivations. This allows us to create an immersive virtual learning environment that is tailored to your audience and helps you meet your goals.

Understanding the SLATE VX Model

In-depth exploration of SLATE VX and its uniqueness


SLATE VX: Creating more customized, engaging, and
immersive learning experiences

November 2021

Part 1: Leveraging User-Centered Design to Improve Learning Technology


SLATE VX: Understanding the design process -
Case Study with the U.S. Army

January 2022

Part 2: Using User-Centered Design to Help Clients Make One of the Most Important

Life Decisions

How We Deliver


We begin by asking questions - what are your goals and what are your end users' needs? Help us understand your problem.


We configure the environment to meet your needs and goals. We test and improve until the launch day.


We prepare for the launch day with you, by providing user training, marketing support and technical assistance. On the day of the launch, we provide live support to make sure your launch day is a success.


We develop and implement a Shared Success

Framework with you to analyze how you met your goals.

We will help you continuously improve the environment for you and your end users.

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