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What is SLATE VX?

SLATE VX is a highly customizable virtual environment that combines elements of a physical educational event with 3D web-based technologies.

Navigate and enter virtual event spaces, explore resources, and connect with other users in SLATE VX's immersive virtual learning experience. 


How Does SLATE VX work?


We begin by asking questions - what are your goals and what are your end users' needs? Help us understand your problem.


We configure the environment to meet your needs and goals. We test and improve until the launch day.


We prepare for the launch day with you, by providing user training, marketing support and technical assistance. On the day of the launch, we provide live support to make sure your launch day is a success.


We develop and implement a Shared Success Framework with you
to analyze how you met your goals. We will help you continuously improve the environment for you and your end users.

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