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Design, Develop, and Deliver Engaging Courses

Online Course

Streamline course development with our powerful tool 

Whether you're a seasoned educator or a novice with a passion to teach, SLATE VX makes it easy for you to develop, organize, and deliver engaging learning content for your audience.

Learners can navigate and enter virtual event spaces, explore resources, and connect with other users in SLATE VX's immersive learning experience. 

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Client Testimonial

SLATE VX partnered with the U.S. Army TRADOC to bring Virtual Branch Outreach (VBO) 2.0 to the Army Cadets. 

"VBO, as a response to the COVID environment last year, has accelerated Officer Branching education and brought it into the digital age [...] cadets become empowered to browse, interact, connect, discuss, and take charge of their branching research to make what is arguably one of the most important decisions of their lives to date." 

John Bessler,
Officer Accessions Division Chief

Is SLATE VX right for you?

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